04 : The Thuringian Model of Business Incubation: The GET UP ? initiative and its quest for internationalization

Beibst, Gabriele; Haase, Heiko; Lautenschläger, Arndt

The paper provides an insight into the efforts of Germany to create a culture of entrepreneurship at higher-education institutions and to promote university-based start-ups. The focus is on one particular network initiative - GET UP - which is part of the federal program ?EXIST ? University-based start-ups?. Goals, activities and measures of GET UP are presented. The objective of the paper is to draw a conclusion from the previous work of GET UP and to share knowledge and experience in supporting start-up companies from universities and in encouraging entrepreneurship among students and staff. The authors present the results of a survey on international entrepreneurship among firms that started with the help of the GET UP - initiative. They conclude that GET UP needs to go cross borders with its network structure in order to provide effective support for the internationalization process of its start-up companies.



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