From Perception to Meaning : Image Schemas in Cognitive Linguistics

A state-of-the-art reader in current image-schema theory. edited in cooperation with Joseph E. Grady (Providence, RI) Announcement in the Mouton catalogue: Landmark publications by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in 1987 established "image schemas" among the cornerstone concepts of the emerging paradigm of Cognitive Linguistics. The pre-linguistic, dynamic and highly schematic gestalt patterns arising from motor movement, object manipulation, and perceptual interaction were posited as the cognitive anchors linking abstract reasoning and imagination to bodily experience. Ever since its introduction, the notion has inspired much research and debate on diverse issues from the meaning, structure and acquisition of natural languages to the embodied mind itself. From Perception to Meaning unites original papers by leading scholars outlining the current state-of-the-art in image-schema theory.



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From Perception to Meaning: Image Schemas in Cognitive Linguistics, 2004.
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