Logo Open Access A fundamental principle of the publication of documents is the idea of open access. Apart from a few exceptions, all full texts are publicly available. You can publish your electronical documents in the DBT , too. Your publication is not only worldwide available on the internet, its long-term availability is also guaranteed.

Electronic course reserve collection

Selected materials, digitised copy templates and links to more resources can be stored in an electronic course reserve collection and secured with a password. The lecturer or professor gives the password to the participants of his course so that they can access the material. The listed books in this collection can be found and used in the library but cannot be borrowed.

Scientific dissertations

All dissertations and habilitations as a digital version as well as final theses meeting certain criteria are stored in the DBT. You find here all necessary information for submitting your dissertation/habilitation and final thesis at your own university.

Recordings of lectures

The multimedia center provides current recordings of lectures with a synchronized presentation and stores it in the DBT. A large number of presentations from many departments are already available. Furthermore, conferences, workshops and events of the university are also recorded.